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If you experience weakness, muscle twitching, pain, or other symptoms associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Texas THC Doctor in Seguin, Texas, can offer you significant relief. Zulfiqar Shah, MD, and his expert staff prescribe medical marijuana to reduce unpleasant ALS symptoms and help you feel more comfortable. Complete the intake form online to see if you qualify, then schedule a telehealth appointment with Texas THC Doctor by phone or online to learn how medical cannabis can benefit you.


What is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS is a nervous system disease that affects nerves in your spinal cord and brain. It causes loss of muscle control and other debilitating symptoms. While there’s no cure for ALS, treatment can offer you symptom relief.

What are the symptoms of ALS?

ALS can get progressively worse over time, and symptoms vary from person to person. Common ALS signs and symptoms include:

  • Tripping and falling

  • Problems walking

  • Weakness in your limbs

  • Hand clumsiness or weakness

  • Problems swallowing

  • Slurred speech

  • Muscle twitching

  • Muscle cramps

  • Cognitive or behavioral changes

ALS can eventually affect your ability to chew, speak, remember things, and even eat and breathe. Managing symptoms is the best way to ensure you’re comfortable during disease progression. 

What are the risk factors for ALS?

ALS might result from genetics or your environment. Examples of risk factors include a family history of ALS, older age, and being a man. Smoking and environmental toxin exposure might also trigger the onset of ALS.

How is ALS diagnosed?

If you suspect you have ALS, your provider reviews your symptoms and medical history. They complete a physical exam and might recommend specific tests to rule out other conditions. Your doctor may suggest an electromyogram (EMG), nerve conduction studies, an MRI, urine tests, blood tests, a spinal tap, or a muscle biopsy.

How does medical marijuana help with ALS?

While there’s no cure for ALS, treatment can delay disease progression, relieve your symptoms, and make you as comfortable as possible. You might take certain medications or undergo physical therapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy. 

Texas THC Doctor is part of the Texas Compassionate Use Program for medical marijuana. The highly trained team is registered through the Texas Compassionate Use Registry, allowing them to legally prescribe medical cannabis and CBD to patients with ALS who qualify. Using medical marijuana may help slow ALS progression and reduce unpleasant symptoms associated with the disease.

Your provider creates a personalized cannabis treatment plan that best manages your symptoms. They monitor you regularly and make changes to your cannabis regimen as needed to optimize your outcome.

If you or a loved one has ALS and would like to learn more about the benefits of medical cannabis, complete the intake form online now to see if you qualify. You can then make a telehealth appointment online or over the phone with Dr. Shah and the team at Texas THC Doctor.


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